« because art can be born from remains »

I find my inspiration in old tools that have survived for generations, and I transform the memory into emotion (hence my nickname ...). Without a sketch or plan, it is the object or the "centerpiece" tool that dictates the form. This shape preexists in the elements that I put together and try to reveal by adding and removing until I get the final shape. A promising future for these tools, saved from oblivion, uselessness & destruction ... Thus transformed and transfigured, another life is given to them: that of a work of art.

El Condor Pasa   42x38cm

Poids du Monde   48x30cm

Tête à Tête   53x32cm

Dualité  50x55cm

Andromède   80x80x35cm

Andromède II 80x80x35cm

Kiss Me   44x24cm

Voluptua   68x42cm

Athenaï   71x45cm

Ingenue   58x36cm

Apocalypse   75x45cm

Liberty   62x40cm

Intimité   54x29cm

Banc Public   12x13x10cm

Mère et l’Enfant   35x15cm

Nid d’Amour   40x21cm

Défi   55x25cm

Famille Houe   26x18cm

Expositions 2024 :

3058 avenue du Touring Club de France
40150 Hossegor
au cours du mois d’avril

CAPBRETON : en plein air Square Mouloudji ou devant l’Estacade de juin au octobre inclu

Exhibitions 2023

SEMEAC : Semeart 3ème Biennale
du 22 avril au 7 mai
51 rue Théophile Gautier, 56600 Séméac, Hautes Pyrénées

ART Shopping Biarritz
du 27 au 29 mai
Le Bellevue, Place Bellevue, 64200 Biarritz

du 16 au 17 septembre

du 7 au 8 octobre

Biography :

Trained as a metal worker, I work on hot or cold iron by cutting, bending, shaping, welding and sanding. Iron has always made me want to create decorative pieces and after a few years of practice, I can finally develop and express my personal touch. Giving shape to an initially inert material, seeking originality and aesthetics are all challenges and a pleasure for me. It's all just a matter of imagination, hard work and expert hands. This urge to create is often so strong that it makes me "individualistic" leaving little time for other activities….

Prizes :

2009: 1st prize for talents of Gold from Kochersberg (67)
2017: Sculptor Prize "ARTKANAL" in Wittelsheim (68)
2018: REMP’ARTS Public Prize in Bayonne (64)
2019: 1st sculptor prize of the city of BIARRITZ
et Prix Coup de Cœur du Public à BIARRITZ (64)
2020 : Certificat de Mérite Artistique, Luxembourg Art Prize 2020
2022 : Certificat de Mérite Artistique, Luxembourg Art Prize 2022

Contact :

Maurice Graffenberg
40150 Soorts-Hossegor, France

Tel : 0684277003
Email : maugrafen@gmail.com